Design of Solar Systems

Power Field Co. provide service design wide range of solar systems for multiple usage Including :
1- On Grid ( Grid Tied ) Systems
2- Off Grid Systems
Also, special usage of solar power at street lighting and solar pump systems

Installation of Solar Syestems

Power Field Co. provide service of installation for solar systems including On Grid and Off Grid Systems .
On Grid : with license for customer power station according to international rules and local rules , to sell electric power at local electric grid .
Off Grid : with variety of usage for ( small – medium – large ) off grid systems for purpose of irrigation , Street lighting systems and other usages .

This service include:
1- Consulting of solar system required to install .
2- Installation of ( Solar Panels Mounting system – Solar panels – Inverters – Accessories for inspection of all performance data of the solar power plant – Deep Cycle batteries and other equipment’s )